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  • i really wish i can have a scholarship of the oxford university.
    i'm Vietnamese and i finished the master of philosophy (i wrote the essay about the logic method united with the historical method in the capital of Kark Mark). i'm 32 years old. 
    i want to study about the negative dialect of frankfurt school
    i get the toefl ibt about 80 point
    can i have a chance to get your scholarship?

  • I'm a bioengineering phd student. I was wondering if there was a way learn and contribute to philosophy in a structured setting. Would I have to do a 2nd phd or would I enter some sort of post-doctoral fellowship to learn the analytical tools of philosophy. I enjoy philosophy as a hobby but I'd someday like to read and write my own critical analysis of works. 

  • Hi +Henry Do , if you wanted to learn analytic philosophy in a structured setting then you would usually take a postgraduate course, but there are likely to be opportunities to engage seriously with some parts of philosophy – for instance bioethics – from your current perspective, picking up analytic tools as a sort of 'expert witness' in your engagement with professional philosophers. Perhaps making contact with philosophers working in areas that interest you might be a useful first step.

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