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“Anonymous” – Session 1 (110913)

Session 1: “Automata and Action”
As automatic processes increasingly design everything from stock market trading to the flight paths of drones as well as tall buildings, calls for grassroots political action, ultra customization in the aesthetic environment and niche microcultures proliferate. In order to evaluate the apparent conflict between submission to a generalized technical episteme and the utopia of ‘personalized’ liberties, this session will address the impact of numerically controlled systems on economic, architectural and social interfaces.

John Harwood, Associate Professor, Modern and Contemporary Architectural History, Oberlin College
Mark Burry, Professor and Director, SIAL, RMIT University, Melbourne
Axel Kilian, Assistant Professor, Princeton University School of Architecture
Andrew Witt, Director of Research at Gehry Technologies (GT); Lecturer, Harvard University GSD
Kevin Slavin, Assistant Professor, Program in Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab

The Anonymous conference was organized by Sylvia Lavin. ©2013 Princeton University School of Architecture. Recorded by Robert Perry.

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