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The birth of Dalidada

Collected moments from performances and installation (2013-2004) + self-authored love letter to Dalidada + “Human Unlimited”, narrated and written by the artist (2004) + Beijing opera fan dance soundtrack.
Christine Bellerose is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher, specializing in movement performance art. She questions the subjects of memory, erotica, and spirituality that link the performer, the alter ego, and the social body.

Her practice is reflexive. Evolving towards less spectacular and towards more experiential performances, Bellerose plays with embodying archetypes through kinesthetic research. The hybrid forms used – codified oriental dances and sacred, physical and object theater, vaudeville and burlesque, meditation, intermediale reactive visual projections, and performative actions – signs her unique aesthetic. At the same time, the performance of Bellerose opens up to the universality of mythologies and visceral emotions.

In her recent works, Bellerose embodies an alter ego, Dalidada, through a process of direct transformation. This powerful series conveys tangible erotic and spiritual energies. The levels of presence she embodies symbolizes the human psyche and its quest of world-memories.

Bellerose had the joy of developing and performing her art in China where she lived eight years. She has also presented her work in Montreal, Toronto, and San Francisco. She holds a BFA in Theatre and Development at Concordia University, and is completing a short M.A. in practice-based research at the University of Quebec, while pursuing MOOC courses in PBR (Stanford University), Live! A History of Art for Artist, Animators, and Gamers (UCLA), and philosophy (University of Edinburgh). //

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