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Want to know more about studying at Oxford University? Watch this short film to hear tutors and students talk about this undergraduate degree. For more information on this course, please visit our website at

5 thoughts on “Music at Oxford University

  1. HebaE24

    This course looks so awesome! Agh it's been my dream to study at Oxford for a long time but this has made me even more determined 🙂 I have a question though…I have good keyboard skills & can play at a grade 7 standard on piano but I don't have any official certificate to back that up because I've never been very good at sight reading so haven't taken an exam…does that mean I can't get into Oxford to do music?? I'm primarily a singer and perform at a grade 8 standard so I feel good about that, but I noticed you want 'ABRSM grade 5 fluency' in piano & I don't know if sight reading is an important part of that. I can read music and learn from scores, but just not that quickly hahah.

  2. Nana Mensah

    Hey Oxford would I have to be fluent in reading music? (bass and guitar player here)
    Also would I be able to study to courses or is one course quite an overload?
    One more thing why is there not an optometry course at Oxford university ?

    Hahaha sorry for the questions but I'm just a curios 16 year old from New Zealand 

  3. University of Oxford

    In response to Nana Mensah: 
    1) Students on the Music course would usually need to read music, but you can read more about the course at
    2) It’s not possible to study two course here – one is definitely hard enough!
    3) We specialise in specific areas, rather than offering a very large range of courses, and Optometry is not a field that we offer. You can see each of the courses that we offer at

  4. Kitty Cake

    Is my dream to go to Oxford when I'm older but I'm always confuse about what corse I like. I like music and Math in School but I'm really fealling science and making experiment but I'm not actually the best at science I'm soo confused! Oh yea how many Indonesian student apply each year? Bc im from Indonesia


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