Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford University

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Want to know more about studying at Oxford University? Watch this short film to hear tutors and students talk about this undergraduate degree. For more information on this course, please visit our website at

7 thoughts on “Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford University

  1. Ahmed Medhat

    This is spectacular, amazing…I burning from the inside, wish I could study there.
    I am a 3rd year undergrad electrical engineering student and I relish philosophy. I wish to purse a similar masters degree to this at Oxford. What are my options please ?!!

  2. Billy Q

    How useful are essay based a level subjects are there any sets of a levels that most students have, how many students have a level philosophy or religious studies

  3. Scott Miller

    Hello, I'm from Brazil and I'm planning to study Computer Sciecne and Philosophy at Oxford University. How can I get into Oxford university being from Brazil? (I still live in Brazil, but maybe I'll move to the UK next year)
    Also, I've been watching videos about the interviews and grades and there's something that I wanted to know. Is it true that the most imortant thing in the interviews, is how you answer the questions and not the answers? I really wanted to know if this is true, cause I'm pretty creative and I have good grades in Brazil, but maybe my grades aren't really good in the UK, which worries me.


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