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Treehouse Talks: Stuart Candy | December 13, 2013

Stuart will speak on the topic “How can you get people to think more deeply about the future, whether they want to or not?”

Stuart Candy is a futurist and transmedia storyteller, recently transplanted from Melbourne to work at Toronto’s OCAD University, where he is Assistant Professor of Strategic Foresight and Innovation, and Co-Director of the Situation Lab.

Over the past decade Stuart has worked with diverse partners including the Sydney Opera House, Oxford University, Wired magazine, UK’s National Heath Service, the TED Conference, and the Singaporean government. He was previously Foresight and Innovation leader at the global design and engineering firm Arup.

Stuart collaboratively turns scenarios about possible worlds into tangible artifacts and immersive encounters. His experiential futures interventions have appeared in diverse locations, from the streets of Honolulu to Burning Man, and the California Academy of Sciences for Jacques Cousteau’s 100th birthday. He helped launch the Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) in post-earthquake Christchurch, served as Game Master on Institute for the Future’s award-winning ARG Superstruct designed by Jane McGonigal, and advised the Future We Want project for the United Nations Rio+20 Summit. He also recently contributed to a hypothetical design for a new Australian capital which featured in the CAPITheticAL exhibition at the Gallery of Australian Design, Canberra.

He can be found at The Sceptical Futuryst, or @futuryst on Twitter.

Stuart recommends:

* “Encounters with the Archdruid” by John McPhee. It’s a beautiful, illuminating journal about the dilemma of development and conservation.
* Irn-Bru. It keeps the entire nation of Scotland caffeinated – a perhaps unique holdout against the dominance of Coke and Pepsi in the global war for soda supremacy – and is therefore a powerful, iridescent orange reminder that another world is possible.

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