Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford University

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10 thoughts on “Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford University

  1. Courtney-Jade de Jongh

    I am an international student and my grades equate to CCC. We didn't have a maths teacher so I started tutoring the other students. I was also the only person in my grade to take mathematics as a subject. Am I going to be automatically discarded as a candidate because my grades are so low?

  2. Mr. NotSoRational

    Hi! I'm keen on applying for the Math & Philosophy course at Oxford but was wondering if the university took into account STEP or AEA at all? I'm aware that I'll have to sit the MAT and have the right A levels but was wondering if STEP/AEA helped at all? Thank you!

  3. Covalence Dust

    I'm currently studying physics and mathematics in high school. I am very interested in the big questions that physics offers an answer to combined with the beautiful equations mathematics uses to describe the problem behind the question. What I am not so passionate about are the real-world applications that the answer of those problems have to offer. Would this course be something for me?

  4. Samia Zaman

    How do I deal with the emotion that comes from knowing that this degree is absolutely coincidental with my interest yet the chances of being denied an opportunity to study it is so high ? I'll be broken for a while if my application comes out unsuccessful..
    Regardless, maths and philo for life.


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