General Michael Hayden | Edward Snowden | Oxford Union

General Hayden describes Snowden as the most serious haemorrhage of legitimate american secrets in the history of the republic.

ABOUT GENERAL HAYDEN: Michael Vincent Hayden is a retired United States Air Force four-star general and former Director of the National Security Agency and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. From April 21, 2005 to May 26, 2006 he was the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, a position which once made him “the highest-ranking military intelligence officer in the armed forces”.

He was Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) from 1999 to 2005. During his tenure as director, he oversaw the controversial NSA surveillance of technological communications between persons in the United States and alleged foreign terrorist groups, which resulted in the NSA warrantless surveillance controversy.

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10 thoughts on “General Michael Hayden | Edward Snowden | Oxford Union

  1. shamanahaboolist

    Gotta say the general's assertion of the legality of the mass trawling and retention of data by our security services is highly dubious. It may have been authorised by the current plutocratic administration… that administration may have passed legislation to legitamise their plans… but that doesn't mean the actions haven't contravened fundamental principles of long established and highly esteemed charters that preceeded them. In fact quite the opposite… they clearly throw the long standing principles of right to privacy and the balancing of power between state and the governed out of the window. Snowdon stood up for the correct principles. If the security services didn't want their dirty laundry hung out they should have remembered their duty to operate within those principles.

  2. mrfr87

    U.S. privacy-policy board concluding that the bulk data collection is illegal and should be stopped. Plus violating many EU countries privacy laws. Internationally and nationally the NSA has broken many laws and if Michael believes he is right then he is ignorant by only looking at this from a narrow perspective.

    Oxford Union please stop inviting Ignorance Americans, Christine O'Dennell was bad enough. I'm sure there is some better people to invite from the US.

  3. Mantle Dynamics

    YOU GOT CAUGHT!!! Your military red flag of 911 created this justice… Bull Shit!!! Creating red flag to steer congress and payoffs created the info highway that removed freedom from the world. My family fought with George Washington against this crap.

  4. ujean56

    "A NEW demand for transparency? Where has this guy been for the past 50 years? It seems like this entire talk is intended to convince the young and the stupid not to look behind the curtain, the great and powerful Oz will take care of everything.

  5. ujean56

    Doublespeak translation: "Just because there is a demand for more transparency on the part of the security industrial complex, you are dreaming if you think it will ever happen. We are watching you now, and this is only the beginning. Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists."

  6. Bob Soper

    The proper question isn't "what do you think should happen with Edward Snowden."
    The question to ask Michael Hayden is "Why aren't you in prison for committing felonies against the American people and trampling our Constitution?"
    Of course, the answer to that question is that the ruling class isn't held accountable under the law; only we peasants get to enjoy the boot-heel of American "justice" stomping on our throats.


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