University of Cambridge Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains

For 25 years the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL) has brought together leaders together to acquire new knowledge and understanding, to gain fresh perspectives, and to share insights into tackling the complex and interconnected set of social and environmental challenges faced by society.

CPSL runs the Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Value Chains (PCSVC). This course is designed to equip senior and mid-career professionals and managers with the skills required to establish resilient and sustainable value chains that are fit for the future. The programme considers many of the key supply chain challenges that business sector is facing and seeks to build capacity amongst participant’s to implement strategies and the use of tools to overcome these issues. It runs over 9 months with two four day workshops in Cambridge. It has been designed so that international professionals can attend.

All business functions involved with a value chain will benefit from attending, as may external partners. The target audience are engaged in all business functions involved with the value chain including: procurement, operations, packaging, sales and marketing, business/product development, finance, strategy, research and development and sustainability/CSR specialists. NGOs who work closely with business on supply/ value chain issues will also benefit from attending this programme.

The programme:

• Equips participants with knowledge and confidence so they can embed sustainability, resilience and responsible principles across their value chains.
• Equips participants with the ability to identify risks and instigate the correct strategies to respond to these risks.
• Emphasises integration, both across functions within the organisation and with external stakeholders in order to deliver maximum value to the business and society over the long-term.
• Be taught through expert input and case studies.
• Explore the risks and opportunities associated with value chains.
• Develop knowledge of best practice responses in: policy development, codes and standards, management and reporting systems, and stakeholder engagement.
• Include two individual business relevant assignments and a Group Project.
• Result in the award of a University of Cambridge Postgraduate Certificate.
• Result in your becoming a member of the Cambridge Sustainability Network , which is our alumni network with over 6000 international leaders.

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