A Week in the Life of an MIT Student: Day 1

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Let’s see how this is gonna go. I literally don’t have time for this…

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39 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of an MIT Student: Day 1

  1. PremierKicks

    I'm a freshman in high school and still not really sure about what major I wan to pursue. I know I'm only a Freshman and still have a few years but how did you choose your major and what is your major. I need some advice also with SAT and any tips in high school to help me achieve my goal of going to a top college. What year student are you at MIT?

  2. KeroGaming

    The true place for those who will reinvent this world.
    The place where dreams became reality.
    I am wishing to be in Caltech more than MIT…MIT is my backup plan i:

  3. Yohan Alzuhairi

    man I would really love to get into mit :/ I work really hard and mathematics is one of my favorite subjects I'm a sophomore but I'm doing calculus (for fun). I really like engineering and one of my big goals is automobile or aero engineering my family also has a relative that graduated from mit in 1945 😀 . But I don't think I can make it :/

  4. TR-8R

    I'm 13, going on a MIT video spree. I am praying to literally every god I can find (thank you Internet) to go there. Also praying to a Charles Darwin, Einstein, and Stephen Hawking.

  5. Scythian Princess

    Why do they use "an MIT"; it does not make sense to me (an international person), M is not a vowel therefore, should not be treat as it is a vowel. I believe grammatically, it should be a MIT. Would someone clarify this for me? :)


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