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The Cambridge Debate

Recently we had the opportunity to take part in a debate at The University of Cambridge.

The debate was regarding youtube and essentially aimed to answer the question Will Youtube over take TV?

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  • I honestly believe that YouTube has the power to overcome TV. They are brother and sister; they have so much in common like entertainment, news, and are a form of media. They were created to make the world smaller. One is better than the other. Please answer me this: Which do you use more? Which one has more of a variety of content? Which is cheaper? This new and upcoming generation is being raised on the internet, they will not be drawn to the boring wonders of TV. Who agrees that TV shows don't have the same creativity and innovation as it did ten or twenty years ago?  You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies on YouTube, it's not a big collection, but it won't be long until expansion. You can find news, documentaries, and learn new things on YouTube.  The content will always be what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, unlike TV. When is the last time you watched TV, for how long, and what were you watching? I want you to honestly reply back to me and answer my questions. Thank You.

  • "His videos aren't the same"
    "They're boring now"
    "They're not as funny as they used to be"

    Seriously? Of course, they aren't the same he's taking a different path right now. They aren't meant to be funny? They're informational and cater to people who want to discover new things. He loves filming and filming is not just sitting behind a camera and eating bad baby food. It's showing different perspectives. He wants more. Support him or go find a youtuber who entertains your needs. It's a click away and leaving negative comments won't get you where you want to be any faster.

  •  i posted this as a reply but i thought everyone would benefit from reading it:
    what's changed is that his channel is not anymore about him, but about his films; Jacksgap has become the media where Jack, Finn and the rest of Jacksgap gang share their content, read the new banner. I think it's fantastic, i really like the fact they are sharing their passion with us. Someone once posted "My poetry blog is more personal than my personal blog," what i mean by showing this example is that when sharing our projects, writings, and films, we say more about ourselves and the way we see the world, than when we say things sitting on front of a camera doing tags, jokes, or even talking about ourselves. when someone shares something very intimate, like it is sharing your poetry, or your own films, in a way it makes you feel closer, because they are taking a risk, they're are putting something that is theirs, that came from their inner selves, in a place for everyone to criticise it and share their opinions about it, and everything that people say is not directed to the "project itself" but directed to the creator, and its creativity, opinions, and sense of life. If someone knowing this still has the courage to do that, i appreciate it a lot, because is a deeper connection, ya feel?

  • I am the only one looking through the comments hoping to see things about the subject of the video, not just whether jacksgap has changed :/. Anyway my opinion is that the notion of YouTube being the dominant broadcast medium is a nice idea as the reason I enjoy YouTube so much is that it's not scheduled so you can watch whatever you like and it's more personal however I feel like if YouTube did become that most dominant broadcast medium it would no longer be the YouTube we know and basically become TV as communities would become larger so it would feel less personal meaning you would start to get "celebrities" and it would have a very "us and them" feel regarding creators and viewers and YouTube would become even more corporate than it is now, and people are already complaining a lot about YouTube and Google working together and the new layout of the website. That's just my opinion 🙂 

  • When I first watched this video, on the day or two after it was posted, I was honestly quite bored and disappointed about the huge change in JacksGap videos. Didn't complain though, as in his previous video he talked of his lack of confidence and I knew his channel would probably change a lot from there. Watching this again now, I find it very interesting and well made, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Shows how much a person can change in less than a year. I really love their new videos as well, it's so different from what most vloggers are doing and just so amazing. Sure, I don't roll around in laughter from his videos anymore, but so what? I can get that entertainment in other videos. Guys, people grow and change and mature as time passes, like in Jack, like in myself. Stop complaining, if you don't like it just don't watch it, it's perfectly fine not to enjoy every single piece of content people create. Have a nice day! :)

  • There's more freedom of speech in Youtube. And it's merely run by youngsters which are pretty much one of the most required resources to assure evolution, revolution and development.
    I love how Jacksgap has turned into. keep up the good work, guys !!! LOVE from Morocco.

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