Apr 29, 2014: Understanding Garbage Collection by Matt Schuetze

From the DCJUG meetup: http://www.meetup.com/dc-jug/events/177676922/

Title: Understanding Garbage Collection – Inside the JVM. How GC works and what you can do about it, by Matt Schuetze

Description: Garbage Collection is an integral part of application behavior on Java platforms, yet it is often misunderstood. As such, it is important for Java developers to understand the actions you can take in selecting and tuning collector mechanisms, as well as in your application architecture choices.

In this presentation, Matt Schuetze reviews and classifies the various garbage collectors and collection techniques available in JVMs today. Following a quick overview of common garbage collection techniques including generational, parallel, stop-the-world, incremental, concurrent and mostly-concurrent algorithms, he defines terms and metrics common to all collectors. He classifies each major JVM collector’s mechanisms and characteristics and discuss the tradeoffs involved in balancing requirements for responsiveness, throughput, space, and available memory across varying scale levels. Matt discusses means to resume application scale to match modern x64 hardware capacities. Matt concludes with some pitfalls, common misconceptions, and “myths” around garbage collection behavior, as well as examples of how some good choices can result in impressive application behavior


Matt is the Director of Product Management at Azul Systems. He is responsible for managing requirements and charting product roadmaps for the Zing, Zing Platform Edition with WebSphere, and Zulu product families.

Matt worked through the ranks at software companies Compuware and Micro Focus, from staff developer, to team lead, to development manager, to product manager. Since joining Azul, he contributed heavily to the implementation of the Zulu Enterprise open source offering, including its global launch in January 2014.

Matt holds a bachelors of science in engineering in Engineering Physics from the University of Michigan, and a masters of science in engineering in Nuclear Engineering from MIT. He lived in Arlington VA from 1994 to 2000, and today lives in suburban Detroit, Michigan

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