Stanford University

Stanford Football Weekly – 10-08-2013

This weekly series was a three camera interview session with Stanford Football Head Coach David Shaw and selected players. It also served as a ‘Press Conference’ session for the local and national broadcast news networks. Excerpts from this series were used by networks not represented, such as ESPN, The Pac-12 Network and KRON 4.

The set proved to be a challenging environment for the recording. The production was done in the former Stanford University Athletics Hall of Fame. The space was V shaped with a vertex less than 45°. Half the space was also filled with historical memorabilia. Lighting was an issue since there where windows behind the cameras. The display cases, trophies, hanging photographs and paintings all created reflective surfaces.

Lighting was done with 3 daylight balanced LED 1x1s, and 2 130 LED on camera lights (used as hair/fill lighting). House lights were turned off, case lights were left on. Two Panasonic AF100s were used for the single medium shots and a GH3 for the wide two shot. The interviewer mic was connected to the interviewees camera and the interviewee’s mic was routed to a multi box, providing a Press Feed. Post production was done on an Adobe CC edit system on a Macbook Pro.

I covered all roles for this production, assisted by one other who helped set, camera op and strike.

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