University of Oxford

Oxford University Scientific Society: Focus Fusion Presentation for Crowdfunding

Chief Scientist Eric Lerner describes LPPFusion’s effort that could lead to the demonstration of a new source of energy that is safe, clean, unlimited and far cheaper than any existing energy source. Their approach to fusion, Focus Fusion, based on the dense plasma focus (DPF) device, which is far smaller than the tokamak, and uses the natural instabilities of plasmas to concentrate energy. In their experiments, they have achieved two of the three conditions needed for net energy fusion, including confined temperatures in excess of 1.8 billion degrees. This is high enough to ignite aneutronic fuels, especially hydrogen-boron. Aneutronic fuels, which produce no neutrons, have enormous promise as an energy source. They produce no radioactive waste and, since the energy is generated in the form of moving charged particles, energy conversion can potentially be far cheaper than existing steam turbines.