Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) on Compassion in Stanford University – Full Video

Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) on Compassion in Stanford University – Full Video
“For me, compassion is the most important factor in our lives. It is the first step. If we take this first step courageously, without fear, then all of our decisions and subsequent actions and their results will have a special beauty, spontaneity and power. Human calculations may be wrong, but actions born of true compassion can never be wrong because compassion is the law of nature, the power of God, the heart of creation. If we tune the individual mind with compassion, then we, as individuals, are no longer really performing actions, but are merely allowing creation to act through us. And this is the power of compassion. In truth, the spiritual path both begins and ends with compassion.” — Amma in a “Conversation on Compassion” with Dr. James Doty at Stanford University on June 2, 2014.
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23 thoughts on “Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) on Compassion in Stanford University – Full Video

  1. Ajith Kannan

    Amma is the epitome of the  compassion and lives by example that Compassionately considering others is Spirituality.Millions of people like us feel her compassion in her hugs.Amma please bless us by being able to follow your teachings by taking it to our hearts.

  2. Francine de RUEDA

    Amma nous montre le chemin du service et de l'amour, elle vient de la source, c'est la perfection, la Mère universelle une grâce incomparable, je crois que personne au monde fait ce travail efficace humanitaire de groupe et personnel


    Amma mirrors the divine within each and everyone. Her mission is to wake up humanity to realize who they truly are! Those who don't grasp the truth that God is in each and everyone as pure love energy that connects every molecule of air we breath and all that exists in creation, sure they will talk ill about Amma.

  4. Jay Kotek

    I am so sure, if any who speak with prejudice, should meet amma personally and she is such a human being with immense love radiating, around, and so humble and simple. I wondered in her proximity. One should take an opportunity to meet her, otherwise it will be a loss. Rarely rarely such a person is born.

  5. dv fallon

    I received Darshan in Sydney 2010 . I was in middle of a another crisis .Amma transmitted the most wonderful energy to me. Felt it for over 3 months .I started with Prison Outreach.Then I was initiated by Amma 2012. Amazing . I cried and cried . Felt Unconditional Love and Acceptence.Living Proof that God is Kind and Loving.
    Amma is the Real Deal
    Om Sri Gurobhyo Om Hari Namaha

  6. Joana Kacar

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