Top 10 Hardest Colleges To Get Into

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This is the top 10 hardest colleges to get into. Which college is the hardest to get into? How hard is it to get accepted into the top 10 hardest colleges? What are their acceptance rates? Watch to find out! Enjoy!

1. Curtis Institute of Music
2. Julliard School of Music
3. Harvard University
4. Columbia University
5. Stanford University
6. US Naval Academy
7. Cooper Union
8. Yale University
9. Princeton University
10. Brown University

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30 thoughts on “Top 10 Hardest Colleges To Get Into

  1. Samuel Fey

    it shouldve said best and hardest colleges to get in not any fucking dumbshit like northkorean college lelele
    MIT second and princenton first due to hardest math period!!!

  2. dhruv gupta

    iit acceptance rate is just .75 % and get into top iit
    like iit bombay
    the acceptance rate went upto
    o.1 %
    iim also accept only 1.7 % students
    reserearch first you stupid

  3. Bob Munck

    Just the pure acceptance rate isn't a very good measure of how hard it is to be accepted. A school that's widely known would attract a great many more applications than one of the same size that isn't, and therefore have a much lower acceptance rate even if it's actually accepting less qualified applicants than the obscure school accepts.

  4. J B

    Acceptance rate does not mean hardest to get into. It just means most aspirational for so many deluded people who do not realise how underqualified they are. Try hardest grade requirements, toughest interviews, SATs etc

  5. Mildred Okeakpu

    Im 14 and a freshman in highschool. My dream is to go to Yale, but I'll be honest and say im not doing so good in school… which scared me! I have ADHD so its hard to do hw. I really do try hard, but…I just cant no matter how much I try.???? Tips anyone?

  6. Aakash Dhal

    But actually IITs are the one with the least acceptance ratios…. only 9000 get admission out of 1.35 million applicants. Which roughly rounds to 0.67%………… s an official figure of 2015..


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