Earth Sciences at Cambridge

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A brief look at the Earth Sciences course, part of the Natural Sciences Tripos at the University of Cambridge.
How to apply:

This is the final, slightly amended version of this video Earth Sciences at Cambridge (first cut)

8 thoughts on “Earth Sciences at Cambridge

  1. JCB Astro

    I am 14 and for roughly 11 years now I have wanted to be a geologist, or as I used to call it a 'rock miner'. I would love to apply to Cambridge when I am old enough and study earth sciences. I think the atmosphere looks great and combines hard work and studying with socialisation and the community. Great video! 

  2. Michael Frymus

    I'd like to study earth sciences and astronomy/astrophysics as a double major (at a local school).

    I want to work in the space industry.
    but my fear is, finding good work in this field.
    I'd like to study our planet and study our universe such as with probes in space or other means.

    but where does one get a job like this?
    that's what's holding me back. if I don't see a possible job. why pursue this when I can do something else like Astronautical Engineering?


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