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Hong Kong: Umbrella-Revolution initiated by the USA 25.10.2014
Hello and welcome valued viewers to today’s media commentary with another report on the so-called umbrella-revolution in China. During the past days tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating in Hong Kong. If you believe western mainstream media, these demonstrations are about an oppositional movement, called “Occupy Central”, an initiative of students who are simply demanding more democracy. Other so-called democracy-movements have taught however that it is worth it to take a second glance in order to reveal which forces and connections are behind this current movement. Already in 2011 former US-presidential candidate and senator John McCain stated at the Halifax International Security Forum in front of 18 defense-ministers as well as security politicians and high-ranking military. : “This Arab Spring is a virus that will also attack Moscow and Peking.” On October, 8th, 2014 the US Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Kerry, admitted in Washington that the USA is financially supporting the oppositional movement in Hong Kong. Our broadcasts “How do modern wars work?” from June, 13th, 2014 and further broadcasts on how the US-government instruments terror, show that all the overthrowing and destabilizing movements of the so-called “Arab Spring” were strategic mile stones on the way to a US monopoly of world power. All the countries involved turned out to be the biggest losers in these reputed democracy movements. The United States current involvement in the internal affairs of yet another country is surely not meant to be a selfless action with the goal of promoting freedom. The economic correlations betray this clearly. China recently tried to decouple itself from the US-dollar by entering into direct trade with the euro at the stock exchange in Shanghai on September, 30th, 2014. This meant a weakening of the US-dollar as the global leading currency. In December 2013 already the Yuan Renminbi rose to be the second most important currency in the world. Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, former US-security-advisor under president Carter, advisor of Obama, member of the Council On Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers wrote – already in 1997 – in his book, “The grand Chess game”: “Our foremost goal is to hinder the rise of a new rival…” And who is surprised then that US-financed demonstrators are demanding the resignation of Hong Kong’s current Head of Government, who is surprised that they block the entrance of governmental buildings and still much more. Currently there are even armed thugs who are coming to action so the already tense situation is made more even more tense. Valued viewers, practice taking a second look and inform your friends. Klagemauer.tv will keep you updated on the developments in Hong Kong. Have a good evening.

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