Harvard University: Q&A

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Last video I asked you guys to send me questions you had about Harvard, and you TURNED UP!!!

I got somewhere near 200 questions, so here are some of my favorites, along with my responses to them.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a junior (class of 2016) at Harvard College.

*Fun fact: at Harvard we use the word “concentration” instead of “major”. My concentration is Economics 🙂

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21 thoughts on “Harvard University: Q&A

  1. Elsa Alvarado

    I was wondering if I do get far enough to get to the interview of Harvard will I have to travel all the way over there for my interview? I know you've said your from Ohio and so am I! So I was wondering, thank you

  2. fluorescent adorescent

    I love you! and I have two questions I really wanna know :
    How Harvard different from other university in your view and why people see it as the best like what is the differences ? anddd How people react when they know you are a Haarvard student? Thank you in advance if you reply to these question and you're the best!

  3. happy face

    How hard was it for you to get into Harvard?I am from Greece and I would like someone to give me some information about how to get into this amazing university!Please if you could help me I would appreciate that a lot!!


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