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Elderly hippies in India, their favourite biotope.

From the 1960s onwards, Western hippies travelled to India, seeking an alternative way of life, spiritual enlightenment and experimenting with mind-bending drugs. Local farmers speculated that there must be a drought in the West. It was the holy men of India who recognised the search for spirituality.
Most freaks soon returned home, but some stayed for good. The Italian Cesare, for example, a cave-dwelling yogi, strives for spiritual liberation; Hanspeter from Switzerland spends his days, hashpipe in mouth, on his small farm in the Himalayas.

A journey to the roots of calmness.

HIPPIE MASALA avec sous-titres français:
HIPPIE MASALA mit deutschen Untertiteln:

– Solothurner Filmtage 2006
– Contact, Kiew 2006, International Competition
– DocFest München, 2006
– Festival internazionale del film Locarno, 2006
– World Film Festival of Bangkok, 2006
– DOCNZ, Neuseeland, 2006
– Die 30. Duisburger Filmwochen, 2006 International Competition
– Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentarfilm Leipzig, 2006
– Tel-Avive International Documentary Film Festival, 2007
– Dokumentar¬filmwoche Hamburg, 2007
– Woodstock Film Festival, 2007
– IDFF Flahertiana, 2007
– Miami International Film Festival, 2008, International Competition
– Internationales Filmfestival of India, 2008
– Dialektus European Documentary Film Festival Budapest, 2009, International Competition

Documentary, CH, 2006, Stereo
A film by Ulrich Grossenbacher & Damaris Lüthi, Editor Maya Schmid, Camera Ulrich Grossenbacher, Sound Avesh Serge Valentin & Balthasar Jucker, Music Disu Gmünder & Shalil Shankar
Produced by: FAIR&UGLY filmproduktion GmbH/


It is touching, informative and funny in an endearing way.
Ewa Hess – Head of Kultur, SonntagsZeitung

HIPPIE MASALA is a great enjoyment, an incense and hash-smoke filled documentary journey, sensual and entertaining, but never trivialising the lives of the hippies who stayed for ever in India. HIPPIE MASALA fascinates with its loving but, at the same time, sober look at these stranded figures: from the Italian, Cesare, who has become a Sadhu and a respected holy man, to the Swiss, Hanspeter, unconcerned by the rejec- tion by the local community of the Himalayan town where he has spent years building his own little Switzerland.
WoZ WochenZeitung – Nina Seiler

Ulrich Grossenbacher and Damaris Lüthi, both from Bern, play with clichés in their documentary HIPPIE MASALA. They set out in search of those hippies who, after dis- covering enlightenment in the 60s and 70s, stayed in India and renounced the comfort- able lap of western civilisation. Cesare, from Italy, lives for Yoga “24-hours-a-day”. In the intervening minutes the more-than-60-year-old devotes himself to the preparation of his hallucinogenic substance – and the size of his hashpipe leaves one only to guess at how ambitious his search for enlightenment is. As well as funny moments, HIPPIE MASALA offers a fascinating look at people who haven’t entirely given up on their dreams.
Berner Zeitung – Madeleine Corbat

A highlight. Ulrich Grossenbacher and Damaris Lüthi ask in their revealing film what became of the dreams of the flower-children who, in the mid-90s, searched for paradise in India. Without making judgements, they show the bizarre and funny, but also the tragic facets of the biographies of each western drop-out who stayed in India and today represents an endangered species. The dreams have faded, the utopia has grown stale, the conflicts with the fathers which served as the impetus for so many journeys to the Far East and so many escapes into a permanently stoned existence, are still unresolved.
Der Bund – Thomas Allenbach

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