Stanford University

Stanford University Wants Your Education To Be Free

Last week, Stanford University announced that more accepted students won’t have to pay anything for tuition, which normally runs nearly $46,000 a year…

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Clip from the Friday, April 3rd 2015 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  • Education should be free, for people of the country, less money spent on dumb things and more money spent on good things like education, and green energy, for some reason your mic/videos sometimes hurt my ears by the way lol.

  • REPS: "Obama is a socialist muslim he wants to give people free education, it's an abomination"
    OBAMA: "Just copying Tennessee"
    REPS: "Obama is a socialist muslim stealing our ideas, it's an abomination"

    REPS voters clapping all the way cause as long as Obama and abomination are in the same sentence it's whatever.

    To make it perfect we just need Ash to come and write us something about wombs… i wonder if he is in favour of abortion in "non white countries"… fuck me of course he is otherwise he wouldn't be a republican… he must not be thrilled thou, abortion takes away from him the pleasure of fucking them once they are out of the womb.

  • I dont think he realizes that in countries like Germany with "free" college, roughly 60% of your paycheck goes towards taxes

  • The reason american young people are so easily manipulated to go and attack another country to 'defend their homeland' (?!) is because they lack a proper education. So I don`t think that those assholes in power are interested in taking money from war to educate their citizens. 

  • There is a problem with free college. Many people will go and they will still become a low income worker and will have wasted 2 years of their life when they could have been earning money for themselves.

  • As someone who is pursuing a major in physics, I would love to be able to attend Stanford University for my major. Especially the fact that one my favorite physicist actually teaches there and teaches quantum physics, but nonetheless would be an interesting thing to do. But since I likely won't get excepted right now I'll stick with Montana State University for now.

  • Dartmouth College, among many others, also has these outstanding financial aid policies! I will be attending this fall only paying around $5,000 a year and my parents $91 a year. Thank you for sharing this important story. Hopefully this will be a nudge in the right direction in leading to free higher education.

  • See, the problem with this is that, while it's all nice and great that the "elite/prestigious" schools are able to offer waivers or substantial reductions of tuition to those who get admitted and demonstrate need, that's like a couple dozen schools out of all those in the US–that does ZERO good to the rest of us.  And the reason they're ABLE to do that, is because they've got such a massive amount of money FROM their ability to decline admission to pretty much anyone they want, attract a sufficiently large body of students from an elite background who can pay their exorbitant costs, tap an alumni body far more likely to be heavily COMPRISED of said elites, and then subsidize the costs of the token diversity "need based" students they DO choose to admit, that they are able to do this in the first place in the current economic context US "higher education" is in.  And hey, I'm not arguing that, at least with respect to those "need based" students that they aren't smart–in fact, BECAUSE they don't have the appeal to the university of being able to pay enormous amounts of money, they're probably subjected to some of the MOST rigorous competition and testing for their capabilities–but I AM arguing that because of the prestige economy in which higher education still lingeringly operates in, it's only a few schools with a reputation that allows them to be selective and associate with a much more heavily elite-background based student body, that have the privilege to do this kind of thing in the increasingly privatized market-based "higher education" industry.

  • What you are, Kyle, is nothing more than a useful idiot for capitalism. Social democracy exists PURELY to distract the working class from revolution. Consequently, to the working class movement, social democracy is more dangerous than fascism.

    Socialism (the dictatorship of the proletariat) is the only way we will all emancipate ourselves from the horrors of capitalism, wage slavery, imperialism etc. Once people like me have done your job for us, you can thank us and maybe THEN you'll be on the right side. Marxism-Leninism is the only way.

  • If prestigious universities were based entirely on merit, they would have the brightest students.  Instead, they just get rich cunts with well connected daddies like George W. Bush.

  • I think to achieve a better society 3 things should be totally free (provided using taxpayer money):
    Education until University or Technical School level;
    Health Care to any kind of mental or physical problem/need, including the medicines (and pills);
    And Housing (like a simple apartment with one bed, a cabinet, simple furniture such as a table, a toiled, one shower, sink and a small kitchen). If everyone could have at leats this three basic human needs, the rest you could achieve thru your work.
    Inted of burning all this money in prisions or warfare…

  • One of the beautiful things my country, Trinidad & Tobago, is that education right up to university education is free. Yep, free undergraduate university education. Masters students are only required to pay 50% of their tuition. Hop on board Americans! It's wonderful. 

  • Secular Talk omits yet another gloomy statistic.

    The United States is the #1 spender on Education on the planet.  That's both in total and per student.

    We're NOT better educated with government-funded education.  Sorry, but government is the WORST thing to get involved in our education system.  Bureaucrats simply cannot select curriculums.

    Doesn't work.

    Our public schools get more and more and do less and less.

    The Department of Education has done NOTHING to educate the people here.  Time to do away with it.

  • Good I'm for free education. Or atleast half. Split the bill, shit that's the least they can do for us? But do I think there is/going to be a catch to this program? Yes I do. Cause this fucking country always has a undermining trick in the system that makes u want to believe you are saving money, but really supporting them? I don't know. From the sounds of it, this looks great. But I'm just saying, it sounds to good to be true. But I'm down… If we don't get fucked over in the end. 

  • High schools in Kalamazoo, Michigan has been doing the 2 free years at a community college thing for a few years. I really hope more universities follow suit… Especially cuz I'm still in university haha