Oprah Winfrey delivers 2015 “Harry’s Last Lecture” at Stanford University

Oprah Winfrey shared her vision for a meaning life with the Stanford community as the Rathbun Visiting Fellow for 2015. At the end of her daylong campus visit, she delivered “Harry’s Last Lecture on a Meaningful Life.” The annual address honors the late Stanford Law School Professor Harry Rathbun.

47 thoughts on “Oprah Winfrey delivers 2015 “Harry’s Last Lecture” at Stanford University

  1. Harry Potter

    So Stanford University: because The Kardashians have become unacceptable Mean Girls style social bullies who are using their fame to oppress everyone like they were Regina George’s posse in Mean Girls we created a new social system that’s totally new. The way it works is there are now 8 Social Class Categories and your new Social Rank is determined by your highest individual level in your highest leveled social class. The 8 Classes are LOOKS STATUS BRAINS SIZE MYSTERY FAME BRAWN and MONEY and they come from the 8 natural attraction categories. You can remember them with the memory phrase "Handsome Kings Know Big Secrets Famous Warriors Buy.”

    Here are examples of top ranked women in the 8 categories:

    LOOKS: Miranda Kerr, Ashley Arenson, Kate Upton.
    STATUS: Kate Middleton, Ivanka Trump, Michelle Obama.
    BRAINS: Priscilla Chan, Lo Bosworth, Tina Fey.
    SIZE: Rachel Aldana, Miosotis Claribel, Hitomi Tanaka.
    MYSTERY: Beyonce Knowles, Malika Haqq, Khadijah Haqq.
    FAME: Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner.
    BRAWN: Ronda Rousey, Olivia Palermo, Veronica Leigh.
    MONEY: Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

    Now obviously some women are top ranked in more than one category where Beyonce Knowles is top ranked in both FAME and MYSTERY and Sheryl Sandberg is top ranked in both STATUS and MONEY but this is basically how it works and you are just ranked by your highest level in one class because the levels don’t add together. So if Katy Perry is level 45 in fame and level 30 in bust size then her social rank is just Rank 45 by her highest level which is Level 45 Fame. Meanwhile if Taylor Swift is level 50 in Fame and Level 5 in Bust Size then Taylor’s Social Rank is still Rank 50 and she still outranks Katy Perry because the levels don’t add together. So your social rank is based on your highest rank in your top leveled class because the levels don’t add together.

    This new system was based on the Class System from Final Fantasy XIV where you can only be one job at a time and your current level is based on the level of your active class where your overall level is based on your highest level in your top leveled class. So if you are a Level 45 Paladin, a Level 35 White Mage, and a Level 30 Monk then your overall level is just 45 while if someone is a Level 45 Paladin, a level 5 Thaumaturge, and a level 5 Archaist then their overall level is also 45 and you guys are equal in Rank since your overall rank is just based on your top level in your top leveled class rather than any kind of cumulative sum of your levels in different classes.

  2. petitebelle

    Oprah is such an amazing woman! She has so much wisdom that she chooses to share with the world. I thank her for teaching me that being in touch with your inner being is sooo important!

  3. Leah Briones

    Thank you for sharing Stanford. Oprah rocks. I've always loved her and always will. Thank you Oprah for all that you do and all that you are. Indeed, we are all as beautiful as you. We just have to keep aware of that.

  4. Kiks'

    Oprah should do this once every single month, a lot of things said this lecture, while I'm going through rough times, has become my daily mantras

  5. Dudley Hall School Primary

    sweet sweet Oprah you change my life i really like every word you say to us you are a mother for real my dream now is to meet you in-person and hear you i have no mother but when ever i really want to hear motherly words i just turn to your voice. i love Mummy Oprah thank you my God continue to use you . thats me Portia in Zimbabwe

  6. Kim Marr

    Can she not run for Presidency and have Erkhart Tolle as President of Education and  Sir David Attenborough as President of Environmental Affaires.  ??? please ???


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