My Harvard Acceptance (Reaction) Story

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By popular request, here’s the story of my Harvard University acceptance reaction. I’m Class of 2016, so I got the news 3 years ago!!

Tell me guys more of what you what you want to see!

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Video Gear Used for This Video:
**Camera – Canon t5i

** Lens – Sigma 30mm f/1.4

**Tripod – Manfrotto Compact

40 thoughts on “My Harvard Acceptance (Reaction) Story

  1. Gurkha73able

    There are a bunch of people on here saying that going to Harvard isn't everything and that this girl is egotistical. Hey, I go to James Cook University in Australia (ranked about 350/500 in the Shanghai rating of world universities), but if I was accepted to Harvard, I would be like, "I GOT INTO HARVARD, BITCHES!". By the way Sigmund Freud, mellow out dude, get some fiber in your diet or something.

  2. esrapk

    There are 3 ways to get into Harvard:
    – Be rich, like really, really rich.
    – Have really good connections, network, family name, fame.
    – Have good grades.

    Good grades is probably the least likely to get you into Harvard out of the three.

  3. Gabriel Abdul

    April 1st is my birthday. Yeah this is not a joke. Anyway, my sister goes to MIT, and she tells me all about the Harvard kids… Yeah i know YesReneu, I know how all you guys are..

  4. theFollowerable

    Your personality is so…social media. I honestly don't know how else to explain it. Don't think these personalities existed before social media now everyone has this personality. It's so odd…


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