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Dr Shashi Tharoor MP – Britain Does Owe Reparations

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The motion: This house believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies.

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  • तो वामपंथियो और डॉ आंबेडकर के उस क्लेम का क्या होगा कि 3000 वर्षो से हरिजन अछूत और परिव्यक्त थे।

    ब्राम्हण यदि पूजा पाठ और शिक्षण कार्य में रत था, क्षत्रिय यदि शासन में रत था , और वैश्य यदि व्यापार में रत था तो इन वस्तुओं का उत्पादक कौन था जिसके कारण मात्र 200 वर्ष पूर्व तक भारत विश्व का सबसे बड़ा देश था

  • Yeah we Indians were looted for long by Britishers and that's certainly a matter of shame for them but see the quality and durability of buildings they built and then compare them with the works of the Government formed after the British rule. That's also a shame.

  • These brits can't pay reparations to India even if they want to. Now Indian economy is much larger than tht of brits and most of their jobs are provided by Indian multinational companies like Tata and Tata owned jaguar.. They should jst apologise for the wrongs done because they too are enjoying the spoils of colonization either directly or Indirectly..

  • Thank God the British took away all gold from Mongolia to wipe off Kali. The Mongols who would destroy the land of Sri Krishna to do nothing but open harems, introduce local Madrasas, destroy their own families and watch cock-fight when the rest of the world was getting industrialized at a drastic pace. To keep such terrorists in the world could mean damaging rapid industralization and destroy happiness. Happy families belong to those that wipe off tyranny and Kali.

    Thank you Tharoor for entertaining with your lunacy.

  • Whilst Mr Tharoor makes some intresting and possibly valid points it is worth noting that if he were to do such a something of a similar nature on a different topic in the indian parliament or even at an event of a larger gathering he possibly would have had someone shout him down, swear at him, have started a riot or even had a shoe flung in his direction. Hes doing this on UK soil where people respect debate.

  • One thing, I must say they did unite us, to fight they did remove the Muslims rule, and they did make English Language a part of our nation, other than that fuck brits.. fuck ur queen

  • ????it saddens my heart when I think of how in this 21st century not only are people still so primitive that no one will acknowledge my pain for my ancestors and apologize but on top of it, my people are still being treated harshly. I appreciate these words a great deal…finally.

  • Tharoor puts up these kind of 'intellectual' charades much and far too often . How shallow and logically disjoint his arguments are ! Britain does not owe India shit . Ofcourse, people who read misconstrued histories by made-up and overrated 'scholars' like Bipin Chandras and Romila Thapars would find it hard to comprehend for all their life they have been robbed of their right to read alternate versions of not only freedom struggle but also of Btitish and his policies . British were smart , educated mercantalists and farsighted. We were , as we are , stupid , antediluvial , foolishly metaphysical and religious dumbasses . Nothing to say of our frustating resistance of modern education. They came , they saw and they conquered . Was it ethical ? No . But only according to modern ethics. In medieval times every power used to doninate others . Thats how socities had moved forward and thats how civilization had learnt their lessons and thats only how we have been able to come together and develop a global system based on international law and ethics. And moreover , when British were 'looting' there was no 'India' . All were princely states divided in religion , language and what not . Rather we should thank British that they did not Balkanise the nation when they left . The concept of nation came much later . British took to technology very early . Why couldnt India do it and colonise orhers ? Not because we were/are non-violent and all that crap, but because we could not think beyond our religion . And now we are whining as to why British do what they did !! Its like expecting a lion not to eat you bcos you are vegetarian ! How stupid. Rather than crying like high school sissies , we must move on and reflect on what elites like Tharoor and his ilk have done for country and its people after independence . British did it we call it atrocity . Now people like him are doing the same and calling it democracy . How convenient ! He is not alone in putting up these shenenigans. He is supported by many 'scholars' in Indian media, print and broadcast . 
    He tries to pass his shallow understanding of world affairs as some kind of scholarly input under the guise of five thousand dollar suit and a nice haircut , piggybacked on his fluent english,enough to overawe third-world country semi-illeterate people . And thats what he does : endorcing a popular opinion to get favourable TRP , TV interviews and political patronage etal. But popular opinions are almost always wrong . It takes a true genius to objectively analize the issues . But who cares. British left us with a modern educational system, a well functioning post and telegraph network , Railways, a bureaucracy to run administration , a modern policing system and what not . And what we have done ?? Just added 11,000 kms of railway lines to the existing 1.5lakh at independence . I can go on but thats not the point . They left us english , one of the biggest contribution of British to India , the language in which this speech is delivered . 
    Im not absolving or exonerating or expulging British of many of the human right violations and so many other things that they did . But if we are to talk of that we must also talk of so many other things that India is guilty of. We cant selectively pick events in history bcos that wud reflect of prejudice . If you take modern ethics as framework against which ENTIRE past of himan history is judged then yes the Britain is guilty . But then we are more guilty for we could never let go of religion clouding our good sense. Until that happens ( which might take other 60-70 years) lets not selectively point fingers at others . Bcos i can quote so many unjustices done by India and its elites and politicians on many other socities and people and civilizations (like tribals ) . I concede that i may be wrong . But if iam, i am yet to be told of a good reason . If you are driven by emotion than reason , kindly dont comment. Science bless you .

  • Britain owes jack shit, because yeah, they're all dead and the present day Brits didn't do any of these things. I'm getting really tired of this evil whitey rhetoric, if the situation had been reversed then European states would have been the colonies of African and Asian empires.

  • he is a prime minister material who can really transform the Image of india globally with his international experience but looks like has been badly maligned by the Indian Press