MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sal Khan has conversation with MIT Dean of Admissions


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  • Thank you so much Sal, I am so thankful for your videos.the way you format your videos helped me succeed and learn the material far better than what my teachers taught me. Especially in Math which I was terrible at but, now thanks to you I have gotten my grades up and I'm so happy. thank you for your hard work you are a great teacher !!

  • I think this was complete horses***, and I feel more lost after watching the video than before. I've heard of people that are the perfect "applicant" but when the road gets tough they fail horribly in college and I've heard of others that didn't do well on the SATs and average grades and excel in their studies. I am an uprising junior and I really feel like I just need luck on my side. Don't get me wrong I know there isn't a panacea for getting into college but I wish they were more fair and had other means to accept students because you can't really know based on paper, but then again that's life.

    Nice interview, I'll try to pursue my "passions", I just need to go find this passion I don't really have.

  • Sal can you please please make Khan Academy qualifications?

    Millions of students that are poor or do not have access to good quality schools/colleges could watch your videos and then do a Khan Academy exam in a local centre. This will help millions of students across the world.

  • Fascinating look at the entry requirement to an Ivy League University.I hope many of the students who succeed are indeed rewarded and those who fall to "lesser"schools remember it is up to you.At the end of the day,its not what you have but what you do with it.If all entrants to these super institutions are so clever,why are we burdened with such problems from war to ill health?

  • I like this video. I like hearing that such an institution as MIT is open to less than "traditional" students. I myself dropped out of school for financial reasons and was a complete slacker because of it. When I was 22 I decided to better myself so I spent months brushing up on the knowledge required for a GED and took the test. I failed the math section the first time but passed it the second. Now I am in community college and doing well, I will soon transfer to my local state university which is tier 1 and presumably I stay the course I will graduate with a BS in computer engineering. I want to get a MS degree and would love to get it from MIT. I like hearing that someone who made bad decisions early on can still get a degree from MIT.

  • Hmm.. interesting. I never applied to MIT or Stanford, but I wondered if they would have been a better fit for me than my school, especially since I get military benefits and at those locations the stipends are higher. I don't know if I was qualified enough, but I totally agree with what the dean is saying here. I am very independent and curious in my studies. I already made an app and have plans for other major projects. Comparing to grad school, though, I feel like it is still a bit too advanced for me. I've learned a lot during my undergrad years. I love how MIT classes are taught, too. They are presented from the top down it's great. I go to U of I and I really like the computer science department here.

  • Grades are such a shitty way of measuring intellectual engagement. If they actually focused on measuring knowledge acquired and didn't punish independence and self motivated students then they might be a more useful tool. You can ace all the tests and still get Cs if you don't show up to classes that you don't need or don't do goofy homework. But big schools all seem to want to see 4.0s.

  • Let me summarize. They want students that falls under the creative thinker/innovator category. I am surprised how he made it clear that extreme academic merit is not a important factor…