Unconscious Bias Training: How Biases Affect The Workplace

Take a look at Marshall E-Learning’s Unconscious Bias in the Workplace training: http://marshallelearning.com/e-learning-courses/unconscious-bias/

In recruitment, retention, promotion, even in the allocation in work, Unconscious Bias is at play.

Let’s look at Recruitment for example. You might allow your biases to influence your decisions based upon how somebody looks, how they sound, their ethnicity, their disability, their gender, their sexuality.

What should you be focussed on is their talent, their ability. What is it that they can offer your company?

Marshall E-Learning has been working with a range of companies, such as the Royal Mail, the NHS, even Oxford University.

We’ve been working with companies up and down the country and around the world, specifically on Unconscious Bias.

Our product is unique, it’s bespoke, it’s designed specifically with you in mind.

It will enable your employees to become aware of what Unconscious Bias is and why it matters:

– The differences between bias, prejudices and stereotyping.

– How Unconscious Bias affects decision making in activities such as recruitment, people development, performance management, leadership and marketing,

– Practical ways to challenge our own biases, to consciously break habits and to do things differently.

If you’re already familiar with Unconscious Bias, there are also exercises designed to further to develop you, including sections on implicit association, affinity bias, and the unconscious organisations and the impact is has on their decision making and behaviours.

It’s totally interactive, please do get in touch about how we can help you to become Unconscious Bias aware.

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