Financial Aid at Stanford University

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Stanford University uses a need-blind admission policy for domestic students, admitting qualified students without regard to their ability to pay and meeting each family’s demonstrated financial need. Parents with family incomes below $125,000 and typical assets are expected to contribute nothing toward tuition at Stanford. Parents with incomes below $65,000 and typical assets are expected to contribute nothing toward tuition, room or board. More than three-quarters of undergraduates leave Stanford without any student debt. More information is available at

6 thoughts on “Financial Aid at Stanford University

  1. Dathremar

    Student debt is crippling this society, whether its students who have graduated being unable to pay it back in a respectable amount of time, or from preventing aspiring students from going to school in the first place due to fear of taking on large amounts of it. The truth is, with how high tuition is at most schools, there just isn't enough accessible help to fix these issues, and with student aid handing out large loans to almost anyone, tuition will continue to rise to the delight of all who prosper from it.

  2. leoitshere

    American universities disgust me. The price for an UNDERGRAD DEGREE have become so inflated that colleges no longer do advertisement for their education, but for the only way you can afford that education.

    Again, for an undergrad degree that nowadays means very, very little.

  3. k3nny111

    I made my bachelors degree at a #1 university without spending a dime and got financial support of which I only have to pay back 50 cents on the dollar. How did I do this? Well, I studied in Germany.


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