A Full Admissions Interview in MML at the University of Cambridge

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This is a full 20+ minute interview conducted at Trinity Hall (University of Cambridge) for an admission to a languages degree at the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages. This video has been made possible through generous donations by Peter Lawrence (1982) and Hugo Pooley (1972) Cambridge University is amongst the best educational institutions in world. Hopefully, this video will give you some ideas of what to expect.

22 thoughts on “A Full Admissions Interview in MML at the University of Cambridge

  1. rich 1242

    A german speaking here: I am shocked; I can't believe how bad the german standard is in Cambridge. She has a good amount of vocabulary, but her grammar and pronunciation is not really outstanding.

  2. tomjbooker

    It's funny as a German student (IB) to view another student around the same age speak like this; because pretty much every other student uses the same vocabulary, structures etc. E.g. Weil es interessant ist, or even worse Weil es ist interessant. Leads me to believe Germany teaching is not very diverse and well, bad. She's under pressure, anyone would be, but still

  3. Jaffet Cordoba

    How do you interpret? Instead of chasing, "What does it mean." Always find Interpret so much more interesting as it seems to consume–things like "what does it mean" and "what is the point." "How do you interpret?" generously opens the gate for convergence. Well done.


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