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LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS — A 15-year-old teen and son of immigrant parents has been accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after studying the university’s free courses for the past 10 years.

Ahaan Rungta and his family came to the United States from Calcutta when he was two years old. His family homeschooled Ahaan beginning when he was 5, using MIT’s free OpenCourseWare as the teaching material. An avid reader, Ahaan was eager to learn and couldn’t believe how much material was available.

For his 13th birthday, Ahaan and his family visited the MIT campus and his ambition “moved to another level”; he resolved he would one day attend the Ivy League university.

Seeing the potential of their budding genius, the Rungta family moved so they could be closer to Ahaan’s dream school. His father took a job at a cafeteria on campus.

Now Ahaan is enrolled in the Class of 2019. His only headache is declaring a major. “In an ideal world, I would want to major in everything,” he told MIT News.


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23 thoughts on “Young genius: 15 year-old homeschooled on MIT courses accepted to MIT – TomoNews

  1. JRK cruzZ

    i laughed when they say have parents like ahan! xD is it just to have a better chance to get into miT? No think Gobal, do Gobal and be the change you want to see!


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