Akala | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union

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Kingslee James Daley, better known by the stage name Akala, is an English rapper, poet, and journalist. Originally from Kentish Town, London, his older sister is rapper/vocalist Ms. Dynamite. In 2006, he was voted the Best Hip Hop Act at the MOBO Awards.

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21 thoughts on “Akala | Full Address and Q&A | Oxford Union


    This was an  amazing presentation! Well researched and unfortunately the majority of the people who had the opportunity to ask questions did not seem to care about the information Akala presented. Sad!!

  2. Djdjf Shfurh

    He talks about black slavery but he chooses to ignore the fact that white people were actually enslaved by blacks and blacks were enslaved and are still enslaved by Arabs and Chinese… So why don't we learn about the Barbary slave trade? Obviously Africa has a richer history then the rest of the world they were the first man to walk the earth. Also why don't we learn about how blacks enslaved blacks and how whites enslaved whites?

  3. plummerh96

    I'm writing an article about Ignorance at the moment and a friend referred this video to me. What he talks about is a great example of conscious and deliberate ignorance.

  4. Mooooohamsalad

    This idiot can not deliver a coherent thought lasting more than a minute. He has done nothing exceptional in any field or endeavor. Other than being black why is he here.

  5. rpgcrazy8

    And yet he forgets to mention that the 3 empires he mentions was at war with each other in what was arguably the biggest war at the time The Napoleonic War and he makes it out that Haiti done it all on there own no Great Britain helped a lot with that revolution because they knew France would be hit hard without the colony of Haiti just like France done with the thirteen colonies aka the USA against the British so please Akala stop cherry picking and forcing your bigoted agenda if you gonna mention the lost pages of history let's also mention aswell the Irish but they are not black so it won't fit in his agenda

  6. rh

    so you go to a lecture on the forgotten/aggressively revised treatment of african history. and you forget about it and ask about music and the nword? fuck people man


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