Harvard Financial Aid and Tuition

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“You Can Afford Harvard.” – Harvard’s financial aid website

20% of all Harvard University undergraduates are going to school for free! Financial aid at Harvard is actually incredibly generous, and yet a lot of people still don’t know this! In this video, I dispel the myth that “only rich kids go to Harvard”. My credentials? I go to school at Harvard and am also surprisingly good at using online resources to gather information, lol.

– Close to 60% of Harvard undergraduates receive Harvard Scholarship
– Families with total incomes less than $65,000 are not expected to contribute (~20% of all students)
– Two-thirds of students work during the academic year
– 90% of American families would pay the same or less to send their children to Harvard as they would a state school
– Harvard financial aid is entirely need-based
– Admissions are need-blind
– Foreign students have the same access to financial aid funding as U.S. citizens

– I filmed this video in the NY YouTube Space… not at Harvard! So I essentially drove 4+ hours to film something that looked just like Harvard. Lol, life is funny!

Harvard Financial Aid Website:

Calculate your Estimated Harvard Costs:

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41 thoughts on “Harvard Financial Aid and Tuition

  1. Jon Moses

    Thank you for making these videos! Has anyone ever told you, you are the most beautiful woman ever? You are gorgeous keep on making these videos please!

  2. Inas Kaci

    hey, i found this video really interesting but i keep asking myself, what about strangers?? i mean you that it's free for poeple whom parents attend less that 65000$ a year but is this applicated for american students only? or even poeple from other nationalities?????
    answer me pleeeease <3

  3. BD H

    What is the percentage of Harvard students whose parents who have a combined annual income of less than $60k? Seriously, lets be honest, Harvard is rigged to favor the wealthy.

  4. MAYN

    hey , i'm from morocco and my parents r making less than 65k . my dream is to get into harvard , i just wanna know if i have the same rights of financial aid as a US citizen . and how long does it take to graduate from medical school (sorry for my bad english ) . thank u

  5. Anushka Sahu

    Renau you are a genius !
    I'm a small town girl from India. Does the strategy of financial aid apply to international students?
    How much do international students get as financial aid?

  6. Lord Lorkhan

    When you said first things first,
    I thought I'm the realest – and then you said that xD
    Drop this and let the whole world feel it
    And I'm still in the murder business
    I can hold you down, like I'm givin' lessons in physics
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  7. Amal Nuur

    What if you're an international student who is doing the IB Programme and my parents income is lower than 65 000 and i want to take a whole bachelors degree in harvard

  8. Frank Peter Olaco

    You're amazing, I always wanted to take Architecture in Harvard (not sure if they have one) I love how you look like a smart dorky/cool Hollywood actress on your videos. Is it true that wherever you go when you mention you're from Harvard you're the smartest person on the area? (unless of course there's another harvard guy/girl, then that's another story) right?

  9. Akshay Ramjan

    hey yesreneau i love your videos im trying really hard to get into harvard i had one serious question i live in india so my SAT exams were really far away from where i live can i give them my scores by january end if i apply for regular decision ??


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