Harvard University

My First Semester at Harvard University

Please leave any questions you have in the comments section below.
This is a montage video of some of the fun things I have done during my first semester at Harvard University.

Timelapses from the Harvard University youtube channel:


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  • What country are you from?
    What extracurriculars did you do in high school? Were you president of any?
    What did you do outside of school?
    How were your grades in school?
    Did you do any large scale things such as starting a grass roots organization?
    Which extracurriculars do you think were the most important when Harvard looked at your application?
    Did you do AP exams? IB? How were your SAT scores?
    Which part of the process do you think you were the strongest in?
    How much time did you spend writing your application/essays?
    What's your favourite part about Harvard now?
    What are your tips for getting in?

  • Hi, I'm studying at Harvard for the summer and I found out that I'll be living in either Eliot House or Wigglesworth Hall. What have you seen/heard so far about those halls and do you have any advice about living in dorms or just the school in general? Thanks :)