Moi ft. K2: Ar Don Go

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“Ar Don Go” (which directly translates to “I have gone” in the Sierra Leonean Krio language) can colloquially mean “watch me go,” “trailblazing.” The themes of the track include progress, upward mobility, youthfulness and global travel, cemented in the notion “home is where the heart is.” Ellis and Sengeh, both TED Fellows, agreed to work together on this project in December 2014. Ellis, a self proclaimed “professional foreigner”, could relate to the lyrics of the song and took the creative freedom to construct a unique piece that conveyed his interpretation and connection through collected objects and pop cultural memes.

The song “Ar Don Go” is part autobiographical and expresses Sengeh’s desire to bring back his outside experiences and knowledge to help influence his native Sierra Leone. The objects and texts used were collected over a 10 year period from numerous places Ellis has lived, worked and studied. Each image was intentionally matched with the lyrics/content of the music. For Ellis, they are an intimate look into his personal taste that show a visual timeline of his aesthetic.

The video was produced and directed by Joey Foster Ellis (an American living in between Mexico, Qatar, India, Nepal and China). Pre-production and post production help was provided by Oscar Arzate, and technical help in the post editing process was provided by Aroon Prajapati and Dipesh Maharjan, two independent graphic designers based in Kathmandu.

The project was funded in part, by grants from the Council for the Arts at MIT. An abridged 1-minute version was first premiered at the 2015 TED Fellows retreat in Monterrey, California.

Music produced by: Brainy Beatz and Ben Bloomberg
Lyrics by: Moinina David Sengeh and Kate Krontiris




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YACE Honoree David Sengeh Releases Music Video for ‘Ar Don Go’


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