Move-In Day at UC Berkeley – 01.14.2016

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January 14, 2016 || I’ve been contemplating whether I should do this or not, but here I am. I made my first video. So this is my not-so-move-in day experience at UC Berkeley. Thank you for watching!

*I don’t own the song that was played in my video

8 thoughts on “Move-In Day at UC Berkeley – 01.14.2016

  1. Jennifer Nguyen

    Hi there! I'm interested in how you got into Berkeley! What were your extracurriculars, achievements, test scores, etc.?I am merely a freshman in high school and I aspire to become a Cal student just like you. By the way, I absolutely adore this video. I just had to rewatch it several times LOL. Good luck at Berkeley! <3

  2. Kay

    Hey! Shout out to a new Baby Bear! I'm guessing you're a Spring admit (or now as they call it "January Start admits". Hope you enjoy Berkeley. I was a spring admit last year (Spring 2015)> I'm a sophomore now, and I know it comes with its joys and struggles.

  3. annabelle k

    I love this video! I'm currently a junior in high school, and hopefully I'll be in your shoes soon, moving into Cal! Good luck at Berkeley, thanks for the fantastic video <3

  4. Angelica Santos

    hi! im an incoming freshman at berkeley! i have a few quick specific questions. do you have an email or does youtube still have a private message feature? haha thanks!! love your vids


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