Going to Cambridge University…

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In January I received an offer from Cambridge University to study Theology, it’s now April and my exams are in 6 weeks. I’ve decided to document my experience of Cambridge from now, provided I get in (fingers crossed). This is a little introduction to me and my videos…
I want to credit Jake Wright, I got the idea from his channel to do this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc1Pn7FxieMohCZFPYEbs7w

25 thoughts on “Going to Cambridge University…

  1. Andrea Olivia

    Emily, good luck in all over your carreer! I still don't know what to study yet hahahaha. I am a huge fan of Jake since a really long time ago! and… do you have twitter??

  2. Amarissa M

    This video was actually really encouraging! Jake's videos initially made me want to apply to Cambridge a few years ago, but now that application time is coming up again (even sooner for American students like me) I got worried about applying since I don't exactly fit under the title of a typical Cambridge applicant either. Now I feel re-inspired to apply this year, even if I don't get in 🙂 I was actually hoping a humanities student would do the same thing as Jake so I'm super excited to watch your journey.

  3. Auni Taibi

    Good luck Emily!! I really hope you'll be able to pass the exams and get into the Cambridge college, I hope it'll be a nice experience and offcourse you'll be able to make tons of friends, don't doubt yourself so much!!!

  4. Benedict Smith

    What an inspiration and Good luck with your exams! I'm hoping to apply to Cambridge this year to do Theology and wondered what you did in terms of preparation for the process.

  5. Emma Rogerson

    Hi! I really enjoyed your video, I have an offer for English at Murray Edwards this October and have really similar grades to you, so I really love the positive message you are spreading! I remember a few months ago thinking I had no chance but videos like this are so helpful and inspiring to future applicants 🙂 best of luck with exams and would be really nice to meet you in a few months! (provided results day is kind to us hahaha) 🙂 x

  6. Samara Jordan

    I am so excited for future videos! Although I am currently only in Year 10, I would love to study a humanities subject in Cambridge but can't find anywhere near as much information about studying a humanities subject as I can about studying a science, so hopefully your channel will be exactly what I've been looking for. Good luck!

  7. Jess Shaw

    This video was super helpful! Quick question: I'm going to be applying this October (ahhh scary), but I'm really stuck between English and Theology. What made you choose Theology in the end out of interest, and how much prep-reading did you do? :)

  8. Teddy Mack

    Hey! I decided to apply for Cambridge literally two days before the deadline ????
    I was so shocked when I got a letter to come for interview and even more shocked when my offer letter came!
    I'll be studying Spanish and Italian at Robinson if I get the grades and I was thinking of documenting it too!
    Hope to see you there ????

  9. Ellie Weasley

    I hope to apply to downing for natsci next year dependent on my grades, so it will be nice to see a students perspective of the college, and what sort of things are there! :)

  10. Robert Crawford

    When my daughter had her interview, I was astounded at what a positive growth experience it was. They had asked her to write a supplementary essay on a carefully chosen subject and they challenged her on it. It was attuned to her as an individual and she learned from it. That convinced us more than ever that Cam was an amazing place. You are about to start on a great intellectual adventure.


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