Harvard Discourages Fraternities And Sororities

Harvard University has announced that starting in 2017, new students who join “unrecognized” all male or all female social groups will be banned from leadership positions in official student organizations and sports teams.University President Drew Faust said in a letter that single-gender organizations such as Sororities and Fraternities “Encourage a form of self-segregation that undermines the promise offered by Harvard’s diverse student body.” Students in such organizations would also be denied the Dean’s endorsement letters when applying for fellowships.


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1 thought on “Harvard Discourages Fraternities And Sororities

  1. amorfati88

    Then they should ban all race-based, culture-based and religious-based clubs as non-inclusive But of course they're only targeting Euro-Am students, not minorities It's SJW culture forcing its hand


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