How to get into MIT, Yale, Brown and other competitive schools (Part 1)

This is my attempt at a quick college help video. This is what worked for me and I hope it gives you some useful information!

Skip to the middle of Part 2 to get the quick compressed version of everything

18 thoughts on “How to get into MIT, Yale, Brown and other competitive schools (Part 1)

  1. Tasneem n

    Do you think self learning languages and different cultures is a good hook? Eg: I am currently learning to read and write + speak Korean and I'm really into the Korean culture and their history and I listen to kpop and watch dramas

  2. Raginasian 000

    I'm currently a sophomore at my high school, and I am aiming to go to Brown, Caltech, or MIT. I am getting straight A's, taking 3 clubs associated with community service (like Unicef), teaching myself scripting, music composing, and computer designing. I am also planning on participate in math or Midi conventions. However, do I have to be a leader in a club or team? What should I work more on to get accepted?

  3. Ricky Osterude

    Very very good point, you did there at the end about the standardized test. I personally got accepted into MIT last week and to everyone surprise I am the friend with the lowest act score. All my other friends have gotten rejected from this top tier schools while I, the lowest tester, made it in.


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