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University of Oxford: Pivotal moments, notable Alumni, and the legacy of buildings

Laurence Brockliss, author of The University of Oxford A History, discusses key moments in the University’s history, including notable Alumni and the future of Oxford’s post-war buildings. Link:

L.W.B. Brockliss, Fellow and Tutor in History Magdalen College and Professor of Early-Modern French History, University of Oxford

Professor L.W.B. Brockliss is a historian of education, science, and medicine with a particular interest in early-modern France and England. His doctoral thesis was on the University of Paris and his first book was a study of French Higher Education in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (1987). More recently, he has been the editor and co-author of Magdalen College, Oxford: A History (2008). For many years he was the English representative on the international commission for the history of higher education and he has also edited the journal History of Universities.

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