BOSTON, inside the classrooms of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Boston, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts and without a doubt, one of the most famous educational institutes in the world. In this video, I am going inside MIT’s largest building, on a Friday afternoon, and I am allowed to go inside the classrooms and to videotape a variety of places as I am walking around. Very unique and explicit views of the classrooms of MIT….Enjoy!! Vic Stefanu,

19 thoughts on “BOSTON, inside the classrooms of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

  1. Michael Friedman

    Very interesting and informative video of the various classrooms and faculties of MIT in
    Cambridge, MA. The classrooms are fully equipped, and made very comfortable so that all the students attending classes here are able to get the most of their wonderful
    learning experiences.
    Vic, I am quite surprised that the building and all the classrooms are so void of the
    students and their professors on a Friday afternoon.
    I would have expected to see the building full of eager students attending their lectures,
    and of the professors giving their lectures.
    It would have been nice to see an actual classroom full of students and their professors
    in operation.
    The building to me seemed to be almost completely void of all classroom activity, which
    to me seems strange to see on a lovely Friday afternoon.
    I remember when I attended McGill University in Montreal, the university was bustling
    full of students attending classes.
    While MIT is certainly more modern and apparently better equipped than McGill
    University when I attended classes many years ago, McGill University always seemed
    to be a bustling university full of students attending regularly scheduled classes
    on Friday afternoons, and even on Saturday Mornings McGill was full of students
    attending classes.
    Things, evidently have changed dramatically since the time I attended University,
    some 35 odd years ago.
    Very lovely and informative video of MIT in Cambridge, MA.


    on the Billboard, well their NOT Teaching Aeronautical Engineering, I can tell that much !!! I actually did this in High School in 1980, ordered Pizza from Godfathers Pizza and the math teacher was Pissed 🙂 


  3. meandmymouth

    As someone who studied aeronautical engineering at university I am also impressed to see some of the classrooms of MIT widely regarded as a Mecca for science and engineering. Just a bit surprised that you as a visitor were seemingly allowed to wander alone around unchaperoned in this prestigious institution in view of contemporary security issues ?

  4. Zach Samuels

    Great video but you are in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Vic, I have been scouring the internet for a video just like this one. I am 13 and you have been a tremendous help in choice I must make on where to gain my education.

  5. A friend
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