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BrekTech Wafflestation – University of Cambridge, Student Design Project

The BrekTech Wafflestation is a revolutionary continuous flow waffle production device for commercial use, with potential industrial scalability options. Redefining a standard, it is unlike anything else in the marketplace.

Aimed at small to medium-scale commercial catering, the Wafflestation enables a less laborious continuous approach to waffle production. We’ve identified an opportunity to challenge the existing standards of the traditional waffle iron that is currently used for both home and mass production – and introduce an automated solution for smaller firms that would not have previously considered this approach. Initially inspired by our College brunches we quickly realised the scope of the market and possibilities within cafes, restaurants and more. We estimate there are over 100 potential business customers in Cambridge alone, from some of whom we have already received highly positive feedback.

The Wafflestation’s core competency revolves around its two counter rotating silicon belts that gently extrude waffle in a continuous stream. The belts both support and shape the batter throughout the cooking process with their unique tetrahedral profile. Batter is dispensed from a hopper at a carefully controlled rate before being conveyed through the heating chamber and sliced automatically once cooked. The Wafflestation’s adaptive temperature and speed controls enable carefully calculated production and batch consistency. In addition, it is robust to many recipe varieties and consistencies.

The machine itself can be Bluetooth controlled and live data displayed on a screen, enabling remote operation and monitoring – potentially a massive time-saver in a busy and dynamic kitchen. We feel strongly this is an exciting and novel business opportunity in a massive global industry.

Team: Adam Gristock, Anthony Rubinstein-Baylis, Zoscha Partos.

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