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Fruiticle – University of Cambridge, Student Design Project

Fruiticle enables bars to create straight or curved icicles around a fruit core, for a unique and attractive way to cool cocktails. The unit is self-contained and showcases the icicles.

Fruiticle manufactures customisable icicles to be used as drinks coolers in high-end cocktail bars. The user can create straight or ‘wavy’ icicles from a skewered fruit core, and place the icicle directly into the customer’s glass. The cocktail market is predicted to grow by 50% between 2013 and 2017, and is being guided by the desire for cocktails to be ‘instagrammable’, with cocktail bars focusing more attention on presentation. The product enables bars to exploit the beauty of icicles in their natural form. Cubed ice is currently the most common form in bars, but our product replaces this with a striking formation that reminds customers of snowtopped chalets and crisp snow.

The product is automatic, self-contained, and easy to use. It consists of two conjoined units: a freezer section where the icicles are grown, and a fridge section where the water is kept cool. The skewered fruit is placed in the freezer across a rack, which can be rotated to create curves in the growing icicles. The rotation is controlled by a stepper motor in a pre-programmed cycle. Water for the icicle is delivered via a feed system designed for the optimum drip rate for icicle formation. This system comprises a feed tube array with sub-millimetre drilled holes and a controlled flow from a chilled storage.

The Fruiticle is simple in style, dominated by a large glass door which allows the customers to see the icicles as they form. It will be sleek and aesthetic, using dark colours to highlight the glittering icicles inside. The controls are simple to use and allow for customisation of the icicles, matching the length to the glass size, or even designing the curvature as desired. We will initially focus on the high-end bar market where the target customer is more willing to pay a premium for this unique attraction. Future market opportunities include novel event decorations, iced drinks in cafés or even everyday home users. In addition, we could integrate new features, for example flavouring the icicles, helical shapes and colour variations.

Team: Chris Barton, Saskia Fullerton-Smith, Karan Gupta.

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