Stanford University

Ken Burns’ Entire Commencement Address At Stanford University, June 12th, 2016

Excerpts of Ken Burns’ speech have proliferated the internet, focusing on his remarks concerning Donald Trump and a brief mention of the mass shootings in Orlando. This is the entire address, for the sake of context, with four minutes of introduction by university President Hennessy. The prepared text can be seen here:


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  • one of the worst speeches in our history. for example Mr Burns says that Trump has done nothing for anyone but himself. Mr Trump gave one of my neighbors around 35,000 and requested no press. Mr Burns is just sucking up to the globalists.

  • Trump is a scam artist selling snake oil to some tormented members of our society. We are in danger to follow the germans path before the WWII by electing this sociopath in most important presidential office. If you learn some basic history lessons or watched a movie about Germany before WWII and how hitler got in power that will give you an idea what to expect in the next 4 years.

  • A truly powerful and eloquent speech. I shared this and implored my family and friends (Americans…not Democrats…not Republicans…but Americans) to watch as well. I implored them to watch the FULL SPEECH, because it needs to be heard in full and not in clips, cut to start where the individual editing dictates. This needs to be said often and everywhere. Thank you Mr. Burns.

  • Burns is a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party, with almost $40,000 in political donations.[14] In 2008, the Democratic National Committee chose Burns to produce the introductory video for Senator Edward Kennedy's August 2008 speech to theDemocratic National Convention, a video described by Politico as a "Burns-crafted tribute casting him [Kennedy] as the modern Ulysses bringing his party home to port."[15][16] In August 2009, Kennedy died, and Burns produced a short eulogy video at his funeral. In endorsing Barack Obama for the U.S. presidency in December 2007, Burns compared Obama toAbraham Lincoln.

  • wow am speechless so profound & deep in thought his commencement speech that it tags at my heart ,Words from a wise & contemplating mind full of insight.Listen & it will open your heart to possibilities

  • Ken Burns' insightful historical perspective recited months before the election pinpoints the election's terrifying cause and effect: "… an amoral Internet that permits a lie [so many lies!] to circle the globe three times before the truth can get started."

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