How to Pursue Computer Science – University of Cambridge – Full Scholarship Part 2 of 2 #ChetChat

VideoChat with a full scholarship holder, B.S and M.S in Computer Science from University of Cambridge who talks of the Google and Microsoft interview process, Cambridge Interview Process, Job vs. start up, Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering, one thing he would have done differently, and much more.
Neil Satra talks of the following salient points during the course of the first part
1. Job vs. Start Up 0:00
a. Should I take up a job or do a start up
b. These decisions are not easy and you can’t go wrong with either choice
b. He thinks that early in his career he has the least to lose, and he can try out a start-up, work on interesting problems
c. Some benefits of start-up – you can work with Google and impact a large number of people
d. Internships are the most valuable to spend three months trying out different things
e. Internships can be used to close some doors
f. Comp Sci students sometimes get into big banks but it is good to rule it out early
2. Large Company Interview Process (google / microsoft) 2:38
a. Google interview process can be layered and complicated
b. Google / Microsoft selection process can be subjective and they are eliminating candidates
c. Campus recruitments were the starting point, career fairs
d. Engineering talks at colleges are meaningful
e. Find out which company you would fit into in a cultural sense
f. Try to be the dumbest person in the room
g. Try to apply to a few specific roles in specific companies and focus on getting to know, speak to as many people as possible
h. Referrals are a good way to get your foot in
i. Product development roles or product management interviews
j. On site vs off site interviews are available
k. Google, Microsoft interviews are discussed
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3. Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering 6:38
a. Computer Science is the keyword and you move through the process faster
b. For computer engineering and information systems you may have a filter
c. Most people in this field would have gone through Comp Sci (cs)
d. Google spreadsheet – says look for specific projects and specific modules
4. Interview Process at Cambridge 9:00
a. Interviews at American Universities vs. UK Universities
b. Cambridge Interviews are Mathematical
c. The Oxford and Cambridge interview reflects how you think through problems
d. The interviewer pushes you till the edge
5. One thing he would have done differently 10:31
a. Things work out the way they are meant to
b. Stressing for admissions may not be necessary
6. Fun Experience at Cambridge 12:23
a. Formals
b. Formal Dinners
c. May Ball
Host – Chetna Vasishth
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    thanx…mam …i want to know about masters degree options in uk or any top european univ and scholarship for indian students in Computer science could kindly talk something about it in any video…


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