Oxford University surgical lectures: rare/never events

Mr Radu Mihai and Dr Peter Hambly from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust present ‘Rare events – unavoidable challenges and lessons to be learned’.

Treating rare diseases raise the challenge of minimal previous exposure to similar operations. Defining a learning curve is therefore controversial as many such ‘events’ seem to occur in clusters. Similarly, rare complications might occur in ‘clusters’ hence the response to rare/never events should be interpreted with caution.

The Surgical Grand Rounds lecture series, hosted by the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences at Oxford University, is the key educational meeting for consultants, juniors and medical students. Presentations revolve around clinical cases.

This video was brought to you by the Oxford University Medical Education Fellows.

Learn more:
Surgical Grand Rounds (www.nds.ox.ac.uk/events)
Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (www.nds.ox.ac.uk)
Oxford University Medical Education Fellows (www.oumef.org)

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