Admissions to Cambridge Law: Mr Henry Mares 2016

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The Faculty of Law holds an annual Open Day for undergraduate students, at which members of the Faculty discuss the Faculty, the Cambridge admissions system, and the benefits studying Law at Cambridge, The Open Day gives potential students, and their parents and teachers, a chance to look around the Faculty and the Squire Law Library, meet members of Faculty staff, and ask any questions they might have.

In this lecture on 29 June 2016, Mr Henry Mares discusses the admission procedure for students wishing to apply to the University of Cambridge.

The general talks given at this Open Day are available to watch or listen to via the University Streaming Media Service, iTunes U or YouTube.

For more information about the Undergraduate BA Law Tripos Degree please refer to

1 thought on “Admissions to Cambridge Law: Mr Henry Mares 2016

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Henry is awesome. I watched him speak at the Experience Cambridge day, and his message of "if you're strong academically: we are interested in your application." Great that you're uploading his talks for everybody to see.


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