My Education Experience for Cambridge University | GCSE’S & A Levels

Being accepted into the University of Cambridge, is the best achievement I have ever had.

As it is the BEGINNING of the Academic year, I have created a video informing viewers of my education, and how poor my results where, but more importantly how I overcame expectations.

This video is suppose to inspire and motivate the next of year students, with the intent that like myself, they too can dream big and achieve.

My next video will be, ‘Tips and Advice on applying to Oxbridge’, so make sure to Subscribe, Like and Share in order to stay tuned.

Again thank you for ALL the support and love so far, lets keep it up!

36 thoughts on “My Education Experience for Cambridge University | GCSE’S & A Levels

  1. Lilly lou

    Wow I honestly feel so inspired by this video i love it you have no idea how much this has just pushed me to go for it and apply when im in year 13 my GCSEs are not the best i've got 1A 6B'S and 3C's but i want to apply to Cambridge im currently in year 12 and im doing english lit psychology media and economics and i will get 4As in my AS i know it but do u think i should apply considering my gcses ive been really just thinking about it!

  2. Robert Crawford

    You are living proof of how Cambridge really looks at applicants in an open way. Congratulations! I know you feel angry about your old school, but you also know now how destructive a bad place can be. The same is true for a toxic boss: once you've had one, you know when you have a good one. Good luck at Cam. It is everything it is cracked up to be.

  3. May K

    Secondary school is hell. No teacher really cares about your progress for secondary school is just their step ladder to get experience and go to grammar school. Anyway! That aside i just wanted to let you know you have greatly motivation me for doing my best with my studies(: i failed my school years due to carelessness and personal issues but now I'm aiming for As and to go to oxford (:. I'll let you know my results when i get them???????????????? Goodluck.

  4. Rajat Rasal

    See I was in a very different position to you. I've worked hard from such a young age even when things got in my way. I ended up with 12A* at GCSE and All As at as and and A* in Maths. I started off this video thinking "argh he's just another lazy dumbfuck who's saying that it's everyone else's fault for his failure" but by the end I totally got you. Staying up late and crying when you think you cant finish the essay omg cant tell you how much that happens. Having people doubt that you can be the absolute best at anything is the most annoying thing. I've got my imperial interview next week and this was really the boost I needed. Thanks pal

  5. Maria Hussain

    This is so inspiring! Congratulations on your success and continue to succeed! Your old school must feel like such shit. Let go of such a star pupil that had more potential that their best students put together.

  6. muna

    omg I LOVED every bit of this video, I laughed, cried and got so teary at some points because its just so relatable…I totally get you about those horrible teachers and the thing about family problems. Keep up the hard work and prosper <3 xx


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