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  • You're so impressive Grace! Such discipline and enthusiasm for the things you love. Really like following your vlogs and getting to see Oxford from the inside, I applied for a master's but knew I wouldn't get in, I just wanted to have tried. And then had a great time surfing and studying at Swansea uni ☺️????

  • Currently watching you talk about how much work you have whilst avoiding doing all the work I have.. oops! I admire your drive though – you seem so motivated regarding uni work (but you clearly love your course) and so many other aspects of life. Loving all your vlogs too :)

  • LOVEEEEE your video, Ive just started uni in Newcastle and I'm facing the same problems with trying to be fit and have a good time. Doesn't help that in Newcastle everyone goes out every night! Resorted to early morning gym sessions and extra cardio :(((( Enjoy Oxford xoxoxo

  • GfUK, not to cross personal boundaries, but you will get stressed, more & more, that's what Oxford is for. So your workout should evolve from triviality to supporting & protecting you from it (stress). Basically, add depth to it, get a (workout) metric!!! :)

  • I'm glad you're enjoying your time at Oxford so far, and it's so true that you need to be passionate about the degree. We work so hard :'(
    It makes me angry that people will leave you comments implying that you didn't earn your body… Why can't they understand that you can get results without using surgery or photoshop, if you just work hard towards your goals ??!

  • I watch your video's and think if only I had your passion and drive! You are very Inspirational grace. I can't believe how much stuff you fit in to a day, love it! Keep up the good work xx

  • as if you're in oxford. I find I have to fit the gym around my lectures and library sessions and stuff too! But omg as if you got up and spent 4 hours in the library please give me your brain. I can't even wake up for my 9am lectures lol. nor spend more than 45 mins in the library without killing myself:'( how to u feed in that full day too? BC i get hungry like every two hours and do u have any healthy snacks when you're in the library?

  • Finally found a fitness channel from an Oxford student!! Huge admiration for your time management skills! Somehow i managed to get an interview at Oriel so maybe one day will follow in your footsteps (the male counterpart though aha) Good luck for future videos!

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