Cambridge University: A Day In The Life | British Vlogger | Joe Binder

Here it is! A day in the life of a Cambridge University undergraduate student. I’ve tried a tonne of new shots / editing styles in this video, so definitely drop a comment below to let me know what you think of it. Also feel free to drop a like if you’re feeling cheeky x

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Inspo, as always, from Casey!
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29 thoughts on “Cambridge University: A Day In The Life | British Vlogger | Joe Binder

  1. Taina Malave

    I saw that you commented on one of Alex's videos (MarzBar) today and I decided to check out your channel. This was the first video of yours that I watched, and it's safe to say that I'm glad I decided to check out your channel! I loved this video! You have yourself a new subscriber :D

  2. Amir Haddad

    Hello Joe, I am a new subscriber. Although this video started with a less audible F bomb, I really appreciate what you are doing and I just wanted to say that this is the second video that I am about to watch and I came back to your channel right after the Election video and I am super excited. With best regards and season's greetings I wish you good luck with your channel as a new member in your family. I love you so much.


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