Cambridge University Room Tour | BEST ROOM EVER | Joe Binder

THE MOST BRUTALLY HONEST Cambridge University room tour at that you’ll ever see. Ever. Or Dorm tour. Tour Tour Tour. IS IT THE BEST ROOM EVER?!

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38 thoughts on “Cambridge University Room Tour | BEST ROOM EVER | Joe Binder

  1. Megnolia

    Dude I just found your channel and from your channel description alone I can tell that your stuff is gonna be good. I too would love to travel and be a youtuber so we already have a lot in common haha 😀 Nice video!

  2. Cathryn Rosalie

    I find it ridiculously funny (mostly ridiculous) we're not allowed candles in our rooms – at least they usually are in glasses and stuff. Those students that can't cook for the sake of their life are a lot more of a fire hazard, no idea how often I've heard stories about students setting the toaster on fire (how do you even manage to do that) and my flatmate once decided to learn how to cook, put an egg in a pan without any fat, put the stove on – and left the room to go finish her essay…. So far I have heard of no one lighting their room on fire with a candle, though.


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