MT6: Oxford University Room Tour + MEETING STEPHEN HAWKING!!

Hey everyone it’s Maninder!
This week I’m going to be giving you a little room tour as well as showing you some of my friend’s rooms’ around college. I really hope you enjoy this video.
If you have any question or anything, pop ’em in the comments box down below.

P.S: I GOT TO MEET STEPHEN HAWKING, stay tuned to the end of the video to hear about that! 😀

10 thoughts on “MT6: Oxford University Room Tour + MEETING STEPHEN HAWKING!!

  1. Mika O'Callaghan-Maher

    Your room is amazing ! even at home my room is less than half that size ! It was lovely to see all the different room types at your college! The rooms seem so much nicer than normal student accommodation , each with their own style! Once again what a great video :)

  2. MelittaDilemma

    What a great video. So intresting how different rooms look in the UK at uni (i am from Germany and visited Cambridge a few years ago. We stayed at the Emmanuel College and it was a amazing exprience!). I thing the different rooms adding so much charme :)


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